Libraries, which have a great many kinds of materials and constantly increase their collection numbers...

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It allows all the modules needed to operate under a single software and is a user friendly, simple and fast system...

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DOCUREF is the most appropriate real-time archive and document management system for organizations document management...

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LOCKREF is an RFID-Based electronic key system used instead of conventional mechanical key systems...

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Nowadays, libraries, provides a variety of resources for use by visitors. These resources vary as printed collections, electronic databases ...

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Unpack, switch on, get started Historical books, new books, magazines, files, ring binders, contracts, balance sheets or ....

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It is of significance for libraries that collections should be kept in suitable temperature and humidity...

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PPS is an Access management system, that is using, both HF and UHF communication technologies where Works on on basically...

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Ankaref Information Technologies, based in Ankara, was founded in 2007 and aiming to contribute Turkish people welfare with producing RFID solutions in Turkey, by providing improver solutions to meet the requirements in Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, Logistics, Apparel, Manufacturing, Electronics and Food sectors with our well educated and experienced human resources. 

Ankaref is located in Technology Development Zone of Middle East Technical University, one of the biggest universities in Turkey and are working very closely with the research institutes. 





Vision And Mission

To provide high quality products and solutions, removing personnal faults and decreasing labour, in healthcare, production and service sectors with high technology based design and R&D workouts.
To take part in first rank companies which have international competition power with meeting the requirements and expectations formed in the sector via using the technological variations and creativity.